Pizza Pizza

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I don’t consider myself a foodie, especially now that I live in Utah.  But living in a culturally non-diverse place (at least in my opinion, when it comes to eateries), I’ve been able to experiment a lot with recipes when I get the chance.  Pizzas are my favorite experiment lately.  We even bought a pizza stone and a peel to make it official.

This is the amazing pizza dough recipe that I’ve been using.  It seems like a lot of work, but it’s actually a lot of waiting time.  This dough takes 18 hours to rise, and the best part-no kneading!  I have so much fun making it cause it makes me feel like a dough making pro.  I love it because it makes a really crisp dough, but you can also roll it out super thin if you wanted.  Try it out, you may have found better, if so link me up! I love to try new things (;


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